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I agree to the point where I see that as a given. That's the point of making the recording in the first place.

In another post you said you like to have all your gear present for a mix. I'm curious what you might identify not as your bare minimum, I know I could make an album of a 4-track cassette, just some specifcs on what things are important for capturing the emotion rather than creating it (that's a totally different question).
Maybe I understand now and I'll answer even more.
For me, I like contrast. High contrast, contradistinction. So I need gear that will allow me to capture and create that environment.
B&W example= A beautiful soft voice/song/performance contrasted with a tough/lo fi recording of it, or vice versa. Sometimes within the song, other times within the album as a whole (exampl. song1=crunchy, song2=clean, song 3= mixed bag etc..)
If everything sounds absolutely pristine I loose interest as I do if it all sounds crunchy or lo fi. I like these disparate sounds to co-habitate as they sometimes do out in the world, pulling my emotions every which way.
I used to record construction sites because of this. Brutal loud clangs mixed with soft hums of diggers and hissing of water jets, mixed with beautiful echoey squeals of rubbing steel all bouncing around a mud pit. Live and dead at the same time. Incredible.
That's what I require for a recorded emotional landscape.