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Originally Posted by tchad blake View Post
It's not all that comfortable all in the same room for me. I've done a fair amount of control room recording at Real World but find the sounds suffer a bit and need more work in the mix.
The Barn, my dream as well.

mmmmmm... I believe The Barn is in a LOT of other peoples dreams & thoughts...

Tchad, what did you find most uncomfortable about 'open room' recording?

At the moment I'm in the over/underdub phase of a record where 98% of the work is being done in an open room environment which is somewhat unusual for me... We've been at it for a few weeks and so far I'm fairly happy with the tones & VERY happy with the performances and communication~interaction that's taking place!

There's still a long ahead though...

Second question!!!

While you were working at The Barn did you ever sense the feeling that it might've been "alive" or have sprits living inside it? Do you have any first hand experiences with 'strange phenomenon' such as jackets & other inanimate objects moving around, seemingly of their own free will or other bizarre incidents that aren't easily explainable or believable?

Really, any memorable event or story really would be great to hear if you're at liberty to share...

For anyone who hasn’t seen pictures or knows about it, The Barn is (was??!) an 'open room' environment with no separation between anything, built into a circa 1800's barn somewhere WAAAAY outta the least an hour from ANY mere sight of civilization in Vermont.

Truly a special place.