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Hmm, I don't see my reply made it here.
What I wonder is when you choose real heartfelt emotion over spunky "Energy" or the other way around? Seems like energetic and "poppy" may not always be what to look for althought he A&R guy may want that.
Let's define our terms.
Emotion="an intense mental state that arises automatically in the nervous system rather than through conscious effort, and evokes either a positive or negative psychological response."(Wiki)
Very general but will do for this discussion.
It's all included. How about 'heartfelt energy' or 'dark energy' or 'dark heartfelt lack of energy'.
Spunkyness would derive from energy and for me energy usually comes from feeling good, or really angry, but spunky conotes upbeat, happy, courageous.
You're right about A&R, part of their job is to determine who/what the aim of the music is, and it may be quite specific.
Emotions, there's all kinds and I want them all. Maybe not on the same album, but in a lifetime of albums.......

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