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I know that it can be a bit beleaguering to hear the fixation on gear. I know that sometimes, some people falsely believe that we are somehow merely what we make our sounds with.

However, in defense of these kinds of questions, I think there is often an inarticulate desire at work, a desire to try to understand the way someone (in this case, Tchad) thinks about things. The final product- the actual sounds, music, and emotions that he is a part of making/communicating- speaks for itself, but there are certainly times when I have listened to stuff Tchad's worked on, that I think, "Dang! That is perfect. How the hell did he do that?" And there have already been several a-ha moments for me in reading this forum.

For instance, finding out the Tchad primarily uses compression and distortion additively (or in parallel) rather than processing the entire sound the same way, that's been a real eye-opener. I started doing it on a mix I'm working on now, and suddenly, I find that there's not only the energy I'd have expected from the distortion, but there's even an additional clarity that comes about as a result. How strange and wonderful.

Anyway, I guess I'm saying that, while it's ultimately true that Tchad is Tchad because he's Tchad (apogies to Gertrude Stein), the reason we're all here, is A) to find out a few of the mysteries behind these captivating sounds, and B) be inspired to go forth and play like mad. So, trying to get Tchad to answer seemingly strange questions may just be a goad to see if he pops out with something else enlightening or inspiring.

Although I can see why questions like this one are irritating too...
Please don't think I'm irritated in any way by question asking. That's what this is all about.
My irritation comes from not understanding a question or just plain not having an answer, and welcome help from anybody.
I'm learning a hell of a lot here as one does when answering questions. Probably learning more than anyone else, and I'm chuffed if you all have learned or been inspired to learn from this forum.
I'm having a great time.