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I’ve heard the following from several sources:

1) sampling though the phono inputs (with record player etc) isn’t great quality compared to other Akai models. (some I know just sample with a different machine and load up their library into the 4000 later).

2) the analogue outs are meant to sound a bit crappy - but the ADAT outs are meant to sound very nice, so thats the card to use if you can get it. You jus need a interface with ADAT ins.

Only other plus is they don’t always see very stable. I’ve heard of a few dying in ways other MPCs don’t.

4000 has many plus points though - I was impressed with the one I had for a bit. A good 4000 with a large internal HD, ADAT outs - very hard to beat that.
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is the conversion really that bad?
i thought it might be a lot cleaner since it's the only MPC with 24bit conversion.

The conversion is cleaner, its different. If someone is willing, post up the frequency charts for the different MPC's. We would get a better idea without the bias and hearsay.

This file is from a Technics with an Ortofon needle straight into the 4000.
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