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Originally Posted by Rob Ocelot ➡️
Those 1/8" MIDI adapters are one direction (in or out) only versus Yamaha's mini DIN which incorporates both directions. Yamaha's scheme is actually less cumbersome if you need both directions. They've been using it at least since the Tenori On days so I doubt they will be changing it up anytime soon.
I see, didn't know Yamaha had use these before.

The thing with 1/8" is that it's a common so it would be convenient in cases where you don't need adapters because both devices have 1/8" MIDI I/O.... I can even imagine Euro-modules taking advantage of that. I'll guess it's cheaper than mini DIN too.

Anyway, problem right now is that there's growing need for a form of micro/mini MIDI connection but no standard being officially agreed upon, at least as far as I'm aware, and that's messy.