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is the conversion really that bad?
i thought it might be a lot cleaner since it's the only MPC with 24bit conversion.
I’ve heard the following from several sources:

1) sampling though the phono inputs (with record player etc) isn’t great quality compared to other Akai models. (some I know just sample with a different machine and load up their library into the 4000 later).

2) the analogue outs are meant to sound a bit crappy - but the ADAT outs are meant to sound very nice, so thats the card to use if you can get it. You jus need a interface with ADAT ins.

Only other plus is they don’t always see very stable. I’ve heard of a few dying in ways other MPCs don’t.

4000 has many plus points though - I was impressed with the one I had for a bit. A good 4000 with a large internal HD, ADAT outs - very hard to beat that.