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First before I forget it, it sounds like the beginning of the song got cut off - hope that was just on the youtube thing you posted

Not sure on the vocals, but I think I see what you mean and hard to put my finger on it too. To start I think they need to be a bit louder relative to everything else, which seems to be drowning it out a bit. And maybe a little less mid-range, a little more lower-end "thump." These are of course just guesses. Sounds good overall though!
Thanks..really appreciate it You're most probably right about the midrange. I'll see what I can do with the eq (shudder). The backing/harmony tracks still not done, so it will get thicker, in the chorus at least.

Oh, and that's just a random cut segment from the entire track, that's why it starts abruptly. Gonna be released soon, so didn't wanna post the entire thing.