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Lives for gear
In case Yamaha makes more Reface, some things I'm wishing for:
- Use the same 1/8 MIDI adapter Korg/Arturia/Novation have been using. If you can't sneak full size in there at least use this increasingly more common alternative.
- Bluetooth so that I can connect to any compatible speakers or headphones.
- Some kind of built-in speaker protection...managed to scare myself once...

A specific model I'd like to see is a Reface AN: wavetable synth focusing on sounds with a lot of movement and on evolving arpeggios/sequences. Very digital-dancy-trancy-fx-laden-tempo-synced stuff. Importantly: it's BLUE.

Interface is similar to the AN1x: a matrix of knobs + buttons for the core editing, a touchscreen to see what you're doing and to edit or record all that modulation and automation, and lastly a directly accessible arp section to get the pulse going. It'll probably need presets.