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but the 1200 is not mentioned in the x manual. only the 60 and 3000.
what's 1200 ring mode? does it emulate down pitched samples?

from the manual:
mpc software
„The MPC3000 and MPC60 settings emulate the sounds of those classic MPCs, while the Other setting emulates the sound of vintage sampling drum machines.“

mpc x
„You can apply the particular sonic qualities of, for example, the MPC3000 or MPC60, or of course no emulation ( None).“
The Live which l have has SP1200 ring. Here's a pic of my live. To get to this page you go to your settings. The X has it too. I don't mess with Akai's manual it sucks!

SP1200 ring is a grit type mode. Put it on a kick and your will hear a grit type ring.