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AudioFreq, I've been a long time Sonar user and I hate it when "Crashes" happen, I also considered changing to another DAW, although the only other was Pro Tools HD, I tried "Studio One 3" Demo version for 30 days and I will tell you "STUDIO ONE ALSO CRASHES" it was installed correctly, adjusted midi etc. I felt it wasn't as effective as Sonar! Possibly because I know Sonar so well Inside and Out, that Studio One seem a bit boring? and to Relearn another DAW to get the same results?

Because I know Sonar so well, It's "Extremely Rare" that I get crashes! There was one time recently during the Windows 10 "Developers" Update where I had to go into the "RegEdit" to enable/disable things because Microsoft wanted (soliciting) to profile the end user.

and "YES" there are a number of "Sonar Forum" Helpers and technical specialist that are a bit "Protective of SALES", so tend to Blame Forum participants as not being knowledgeable, or to "Discredit". I still like Sonar but tread lightly in the Sonar Forum?