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Originally Posted by Derick ➡️
Mixbus owner from Mixbus v1 to Mixbus 32C v4, and very happy with it.
For me it was stable from v 2.5.
paid 70 euro for v1 and about 70 euro for the upgrades each (until i switched to 32C), thats about half you pay for Cubase, so i never complained.
You have to be realistic, they need the money for development.
If you buy a crapy car, you won´t get a new one for free !
Hopefully if I faced the risk of buying a crappy car, at least I'd have the opportunity to try before I buy, and that's my point - at the time I bought version 2, there was no demo available for Mixbus, a benefit that was only made available in version 3.

It's Mixbus's loss. I am no longer an investor in their ecosystem.

One day they'll see the light and do the right thing, and recompense me, and others in the same position, with a free upgrade. One day!