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I agree to the point where I see that as a given. That's the point of making the recording in the first place.

In another post you said you like to have all your gear present for a mix. I'm curious what you might identify not as your bare minimum, I know I could make an album of a 4-track cassette, just some specifcs on what things are important for capturing the emotion rather than creating it (that's a totally different question).

The only thing that's neccesary to capture an emotion in recorded music is anything that will record audio.
I have cassettes, cracked and very worn 78s, perfectly recorded studio- pristine-vinyl records and CDs with a range of emotion that I don't believe was limited by the medium.
I don't think ultimately it matters all that much to most people.
(The rub comes when you determine who you're recording for, your market. Many more things come into play at that point.)
Personally, I like to have all my toys around because it means I'm ready for any idea the artist and I might have. I like my stuff. Conversely, I'd come up with other ideas if I had nothing. I'm not bound.
I'm not sure I understand the question now. Specific things that are important would be what I consider my bare minimum.
Back to the first line- anything that will record audio.