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No, switched to Studio One 3 long ago, it is imo infinitely superior to the flakey, bug ridden, gazzillion workarounds required for things to function piece of crap called SONAR. Not that I had any real issues with Platinum, but then I had been a user since Pro Audio 9, so I knew which 'buttons' not to push. I knew the workarounds for the many various issues for things that didn't work as they should, if at all, I just grew tired of it all, and the direction of Platinum and the monthly updates, but most of all I found something else which to me is far superior. It becomes like second nature, the long time user how has learnt through the years no longer sees a lot of the issues that face new users, and therefore to them SONAR has no issues, but they are looking through tinted lenses. Look at the list of long standing serious bugs, look at how every month something that has worked previously is broken, often times not being fixed and as such joining and expanding the long list of bugs that will never be fixed. I was amazed to read a comment from Anderton which basically said that if an issue (read BUG) had a workaround, that the likelihood of it being fixed diminished considerably Just think about that, no wonder the list of long standing bugs is so long, SONAR is chock full of workarounds, which according to Anderton pretty much equates to bugs/issues that wont be fixed.

I also agree with the statements made here with regards to the Cakewalk/SONAR forums, it's the truth, I have seen it many times, people being beaten down because they dare to speak out, they dare to not lavish praise on SONAR, the fanbois just pile on until the poor user is beaten into submission, I am sure you have all seen it, if you say you haven't then you are just lying, pure and simple. It is a sickening place at times, and not for just that but all the back slapping, the arse kissing that goes on, it's like a mutual admiration society, the level of fanboiism is like nothing I have ever seen before. As for Anderton being a benefit, well I guess that depends on whether you are one of the arse kissers or not (A few of whom I see here in this thread), he has driven a number of users away with his attitude, SusanG for one, she even stated as much in a reply to Anderton. He just rattles on and on in defensive mode, often ending up leaving the reader confused about what the issue is, he bends and twists the story, goes off onto tangents with no seeming relation to subjects at hand, and down right must have the last say, and is NEVER wrong. Just look at the latest in the thread about whether or not Pro Channel module are still being actively developed, he just wont let go, he must be right, and he must have the last word. Read some of the comments in that thread by long time users, which basically agree with what I am saying here. No sorry, if he would just stick to tips and tricks and the technical side of things or whatever, but the way he carries on I don't see him as a plus, it's enough to make you sick reading some of his one sided blather, his excuses for SONAR's shortcomings.

There is a reason why SONAR is more often than not completely left out of the DAW conversation, why it is more often than not not listed in the "Test with" or comparability lists for many products. There is a reason that SONAR has the reputation it has (and it's not a good one) there is a reason why SONAR is not seen as a 'Professional DAW' there is a reason why SONAR's popularity is so low, the only people that can't see it are the ones on the inside, that are blinded by the facts, either they are hanging on because of the time and money invested, I believe some are only hanging on because of the forums, and the social aspect, at least I believe it plays a big part, they are insulated in a little bubble, safe from the outside , some feel some strange sense of loyalty to Cakewalk the company, as if it is somehow different than other companies, let me assure you it is not, if you think it is let me again assure you, you need to get out more, because it's not, and there are plenty of far far better options when it come to a DAW than SONAR, SONAR is old, built on old code, and that is part of the problem you see now, they just keep slapping stuff on without fixing the old code which is full of longstanding bugs. Look at how Staff view/Notation is going backwards, even Jerry has become increasingly vocal about it, it continues to go down hill with every update (not that it can go to much further down hill . . . lol) what little useful and WORKING features it has are oddly disappearing.

But as long as people are safe in their little "Cakewalk Forums Bubble" and don't stray away to far, they wont have to hear all the negative stuff people outside that bubble have to say, they wont be confronted by the reality of the situation.

Sure SONAR can run fine and do what is needed, it may take the long road to get there, and require knowledge of all it's issues and workarounds through years of use to 'seem' like it is stable, but for the new comer it isn't like that, they are confronted with situation after situation where things don't work as described, as expected, where things don't work as the documentation says it should, because the documentation itself is out of date (BUGGED) That's the reality.
Here here!
Recently I complained in the Sonar Forum about the idea of subscriptions.
My issue with this model is I felt Cakewalk started releasing stuff each month to compensate for the subscription business model even if those releases added no value to the software.

I felt they were ignoring the real needs and issues users like me were facing.
For example: Sonar still crashes after all these years.

Come one, I have a QUAD CORE, and a Whopping 64GB RAM, running on a Samsung EVO Pro SSD, with NVidia T6060i.

I was yelled at and bullied just because I complained.

Thinking about switching to Studio 1.