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Middle Ground. Team Work.

Although I don't necessarily like the term "middle ground" because it seems to imply a lack of conviction (although I know that's not what was implied!!!), I definitely believe in team work.

I wish I could always rely and trust the musicians production ideas but I've heard the "My guitars are too quiet" "You can't hear my voice" and "Can't we make the drums a bit louder?" one too many times to trust the musicians input implicitely.

But then again, they are also allowed to have a creative vision regarding their art and I believe it's part of our job to help them realise this.

Unfortunately, in my experience, I've found trying to satisfy the ones that write the cheques to be a very slippery slope. I know this because I have also often been the one signing the cheque and us "cheque signers" are rarely happy!

And in regards to "who cares as long as I get paid": While economically speaking I know that this not possible for many of the owner/producers on this forum I would prefer to make a recording that BOTH the artist and I appreciate regardless if I get paid or not. I hate record companies (although I am one) and I wish that we (producers and artists) didn't have to make a living at what were doing so we could just make records that the artists (both producers and musicians) love without commercial pressures.

Maybe in an ideal world...

(Excuse the ramble, I've been drinking again...)