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Audiosoundzz -
The reason I suggest writing for a year is that this is a radically different business than the "artist / record" biz. If you can't sustain that kind of writing schedule, in all probability, you won't have any long term success. Success in this biz is about diversity, longevity, and prolific output. Good luck.
From what I gather from listening to Cathy Heller at Catch the Moon she says "do not submit any music to any libraries". From what I understood her reasoning is that it is a bargain basement kind of environment that attracts low quality music that sells at a low price. She recommends only working with agents or going directly to the music directors wanting the music. Makes sense to me but what do I know? At this point very little except knowing how to create great and sometimes not so great music by myself or with a team. Working with others is much more fun / synergistic.

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