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FREE Truth that won't cost you $997 :

Read the whole thing. Carefully. A lot of commentaries seem to be comprehension challenged.

Bottom line : if you have to pay for it......<sigh>.....don't expect much. Other than a $1000 smaller bank account that is....
Dr Bill I am so glad you personally took note of this and responded. I just read your thread and one of the things that stands out for me is: "2. You learn to be prolific. Write 2+ songs a day, 5 days a week for a year. THEN, throw out the crap and start marketing the good stuff." So your saying have a VERY serious amount of content before even pursuing licensing... Can you elaborate on why its needed to have so many song first? It seems like it would be hard to know if the content is what the industry is wanting into the future. Also on how many song you have to date and approx revenues that generates .. If that private I understand.

Dang how do you keep sanity making 2 songs a day? Thanks for sharing your wisdom here!

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