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If you have io covered, the 002/3 won't help you then. You can't use it as a standalone controller, only as an interface with controller.

I didn't know that about the c8 functioning as an extension.

I had a 002, and I don't see why the Artist mix is much difference in implementation - the only thing is it doesn't have transport etc (though I have an artist control too, which has that function!)

If you're not up for artist mix (and that really is the best solution imo), I'd suggest a 2nd hand c8 - the 002/3 won't work for what you need.
Why won't an 002/003 work? There are two FireWire ports on the back. My other IO is an apogee duet that uses FireWire, so I can just daisy chain the duet from the 002/003.. just cuz it has 4 channels doesn't mean I have to use them... right?

I already have a c8 I don't want to buy another since I can't link them together in the future..

I am resisting the artist mix for two reasons: high price and weak plug in control/mapping.. ( I am ITB with an SSL plug on every channel)

Plz See the following video on why C8 is better than artist mix for plugins. I agree with the guy. C8 is wayyyy underrated!! Not sexy and new but gets the job done the best