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The Icon is not obsolete by any means. Still fully supported in latest PT.

Icon has been around for 13 years, without an end in sight yet. Let's assume it's 15 years, maybe more. And who's to say you always need to stay at the latest version of PT if they eventually drop support of it. You could probably get 20 years. That's exceptional for a DAW controller supported lifespan. Many studios don't hang onto consoles that long.

Don't forget that the OP did list DAW control as a desired feature, and the Avid offerings are king in that dept IMHO.

In my opinion a lot more people would love Icons and S6's if they just had more exposure to them. They are super-productive. The folks who dismiss them as a giant mouse with blinky lights are missing the boat. And FWIW clients have been more impressed than my previous analog 48ch power hungry monster.
The Icon was discontinued in 2013 and support will end in 2018. Once support ends it will become obsolete (like anything digital)

Exceptional... I totally agree with you. As a daw controller it really was. But again, support will end. For a busy facility, that's a problem.

Now all have to invest in the S6 line. 10-15 yrs later something new pops up.

For a post facility that's fine. For a music studio, an analog console like the API 1608 or the Vision could last you the life of your business. And it could take anything you throw at it.