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I have yet to find anyone that runs / owns an AWS or Duality studio that worries about them being boat anchors.

The computer board for the AWS is 10"x5".
Runs a cheap as fu*k cpu and ram chips both of which are easy to replace and are going to be around for a long time - the also run at very low clock cycles so heat is not an issue. They are them same chips used in many satellites- you don't send those up if you're worried about failures.
I wouldn't worry so much about the actual CPU and RAM as much as all the other digital stuff in it. I'm thinking of the fate of the Sony DMX-R100 for example. Impossible to fix nowadays.

Maybe i worry to much , i thought it was a valid point to bring up. Some food for thought. Maybe putting all eggs in one basket isn't such a good idea, maybe it is, i don't know.