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Yes, indeed...I always return to Logic's Tape Delay as my default...I have so many other Delays (EchoBoy, H-Delay, PSP 42 and 85, etc. etc.) but I use this one the most. It's simple enough to get quick results, complex enough for most tasks (except when one needs stereo or multi-tap delays), and just sounds fantastic.
I don't know why no other dev has made a feedback that sounds that good. I use it for song builds and it's amazing.. I can't do it with any other delay. Automating the tape delay feedback is something very special.

Also under appreciated is the multi tap delay(delay designer) which is amazing as an all in one overall delay and does pitch change per tap (up to 10 from memory could be less).
Logic has the best included delay plugins of any daw ever - period.

Interruptor makes a free synth edit plugin for windows called analogic delay that mimics the logic distortion fairly well.. it's absolutely the only plugin in existence that gets close, alas it is windows only.

If i was to choose 2 plugins from the 10 presented here that i think are the best overall as plugins for various delay purposes, I choose timeless and uvi relayer.

Also the excellent Le Masque from Xils has to be mentioned as you can program feedback on a certain beat only. Very cool.

I do not like echoboy nor it's new JR sibling at all. Never have, including the clunky interface. I WAY prefer MCDSP'S EC300...

Anyway, MY top ten delay plugins (and not actual plugins in 2 cases lol) of all time if anyone is interested, in no particular order bar the number 1.

1) Logic Tape Delay and Delay Designer - Apple please adapt latter for Retina or someone make a Retina skin

2) Fab Filter Timeless (a MUST for it's resonant filters, very rare so you can use it as an insert and do crazy resonance without extra plugins).

3) Xils Audio Le Masque

4) Uvi Relayer

5) Soundtoys Primal Tap.. give me this any day over Echoboy cause of the SOUND!

6) UAD Space Echo OR audiothing's Outer Space (TIED! finally a native 64 bit roland!)

7) McDSP EC300

8) Audiodamage Dubstation (for me purely because it gets closest to logic feedback on mac, so very biased, and sadly no AAX) EDIT: YAY, $10 upgrade to V2 with aax.. ok, i'm a lot happier now suddenly! This one is nice to drive hard.. Resonance on filters would make it amazing, but alas, no go there.

9) Unfiltered Audio/Plugin Alliance SandMan Pro

10) Line 6 Echo Farm 3, now native AAX 64 available with vst "interest" page - sign up!

Very notable 11th mentions; Eareckon Earebound, highly underrated, and Waves Marroquin delay

so that's me anyway!