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Sound a bit crazy, I know, but still.

I'm really curious about the topic. Could you share your exact effective morning routine, including shower, breakfast, exercising, making bed, etc. Please be as consistent and precise as possible.

I mean I really would like to develop the good one for myself, but still can't decide the best order. For example, shower before exercises (or running, or whatever), after, or both? Shower immediately out of the bed or spend some time browsing the Internet with a cup of something before? Doing some job before everything? And so on.
Hey there, friend! During the weekdays, I wake at 5:45 AM. I immediately turn off the backup alarm on my cellphone. I`m the first one out of bed, I turn on the lights, walk to the kitchen, and get my prepared lunch from the fridge. I set that on a stand in the bedroom, then brush my teeth and take my vitamins. Then I take a shower, and come out dressed and ready to go. My wife brings me a cup of coffee, I sit for maybe 10 minutes, then I am off for my day of work at the college. I am very blessed.