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It's great in theory and we see the success stories. But for every Chance there are almost a billion artists stuck on social media/youtube who cannot get people to find them in that pool of mostly awful music. That's why u see so many beefs and nonsense to get people to look for them.

Chance did it old school. By owning his hood, then his city. Then get a break by having a a connected, experienced industry team take an interest in managing his career. Then he blows internationally. Others the same. Maybe 1 or 2 artists a year (out of that billion pool) go from youtube/social media to being internationally known and successful touring artist.
True, there is definitely oversaturation. What I was mainly trying to get at was that before, you could get signed to a label and that was just about your only shot at being a professional musician making good money. Now, you can start a Patreon, live stream, release YouTube videos, sell merch online, get sync placements more easily, etc. There are many more sources of income available to the modern musician than ever before, and together, these revenue sources can be enough to make it a full time gig, even for artists with only a few thousand loyal fans.

- Kris