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Now? Labels used to make the lion's share but there's never been a more lucrative time for artists than today. There is far more latitude for an artist regarding different revenue streams and being able to be DIY. Chance The Rapper is probably the best example of someone making it working as an independent on a large scale. People like Russ and SZA are able to build buzz without major labels and make much more favorable deals when they do opt for to partner with them. From what I've read, they recently made a 50/50 deal and a 70/30 deal, respectively.

- Kris
It's great in theory and we see the success stories. But for every Chance there are almost a billion artists stuck on social media/youtube who cannot get people to find them in that pool of mostly awful music. That's why u see so many beefs and nonsense to get people to look for them.

Chance did it old school. By owning his hood, then his city. Then get a break by having a a connected, experienced industry team take an interest in managing his career. Then he blows internationally. Others the same. Maybe 1 or 2 artists a year (out of that billion pool) go from youtube/social media to being internationally known and successful touring artist.

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Great documentary! Very enjoyable.
Indeed. I had just left Interscope around the time they started formulating the plan to get to the athletes and entertainers for promo.