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I see, I wasn't diving into that deep professional works [yet] ; just for personal hobby and publishing in the social platforms. But I'll keep those in mind for the future, thanks!

Fruity loops doesn't play smoothly anymore, there's that cracking sound every now & then; plus using heavy plugins completely overwhelms playback. It worked fine with the current setup three years back, but now even project file loading almost stalls.

The rig I use has i5 4570, 4x2 1600mhz ddr3 ram, realtek ALC892 onboard, SATA HDD - that's all.

Any idea or suggestion for improvement is welcome.
I would try a video card. It seems the newer plugs are using those resources.
something with its own ram and with direct X 11 hardware acceleration.

the ALC892 is no better than any of those interfaces until you get up to the $2000-$3000 range. You probably need to manage your machine, stop running too much in the background (like anti-virus), clean up the hard disk with disk cleanup, and defrag it. If you are still having drop outs because of I/O, maybe installing a ram disk and put the swp, tmp and temp directories and environment variables in ram.