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Old 4th August 2017
I work 3-4 days a week as a Nurse so those days its up at 4AM > Coffee > breakfast > Poop > shower > Leave by 530AM > Be at work at 6AM > Get home from work at 7pm > Go to bed by 8pm

On days I'm not at work my routine is wake up at 7AM > Coffee > Do some sort of musical practice/warmup (turntablism / freestyle / keys) > 8AM more coffee and maybe switch up the musical activity > 11-12AM Make and eat Breakfast > Begin amassing sounds and experiment in Ableton to begin a song or work on previous started songs > 2pm Be on a roll where musical ideas keep on coming or get depressed and pace around my room anxiously trying not to nap or look at gearslutz too often > 4pm Take a break feeling satisfied that I was able to get some good work done or overeat an early unhealthy dinner and enter a food depression coma for a couple hours > 5-6 Cook / eat dinner while watching gearslutty channels on youtube > 7-10 stare at the same equipment on ebay or reverb or craigslist that I have be GASing for years until my vision is blurry and I fall asleep.