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Please watch it and then pass judgment. I liked it, except for the Beats-commercial part and the lack of defiance.
just have watched the 4th part of it (afraid the very one with the Beats ad and lack of defiance at most). I stand at what I thought, it is just a continued Dre\beats\Iovine ad, with the seashore teal\turquoise dominated villa outlook and 26 hours a day work in the same sentence. I do not swallow it as it intended to be.
Dre is used by Iovines with his gangsta\bitches\money + hard work, musical taste (Eminem signing) and charity to justify the powers gotten and still the gangsta rap mentality spread in the minds. By the same token, what Dre and Cube wanted to become - rich by telling the hood stories - is fulfilled. Cube and Ice-T IMO were more balanced in their storytelling about being a predator only seeing the green and getting it by all means necessary.
Do not get me wrong, Chronic\2001 stand as landmarks in production\sonics still, but, but, but.
There is only one Dre who is alive and no 2pac. A corporate Cinderella story.