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Of course! To think I was so excited I didn't scour over it to find exact details. Yeah I'd add an Audient iD14 (Rode NT4?) to that Zoom H4n Pro and realize my immediate goals happily ever after warranty.

I'll get on it first thing in the waking hours and thanks a lot for direction Synth Guru!

-Update FWIW- It looks to be a Micargi Huntington bicycle with a 2009 66cc Skyhawk GT-5 engine. A neighbor had already offered me $250 for it and it looks like you could make a brand new one for twice the price. So maybe I should stay with late buyer #1 , get my Zoom, and have fun. Not as much fun as adding an Audient but fun enough.
How did it go? Did you sell it and get your mic?