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Old 30th July 2017
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Gosh I bought this years ago for about $15, if not less. I've hardly used it for some reason, maybe cos it wasn't seen as "sexy". Just dug it out, whacked it on some drums and wow, yes, it's fabulous. I love the different tape types as they all come with their own eq curves. It stacks up very well indeed with more modern tape plugins. Also, it uses bugger-all CPU which is great.

We really are spoilt these days with all the fabulous tape emulations available.

Also, IO should say that I think Magnetic II and Pulsetec EQ are two of the best plugins to ever come out of Nomad Factory. Bus Driver comes in close a close third, but those two really are the standout plugins of Bernie's career, IMVHO.
Nomad Factory was ahead of it's time. It's a shame there's not much coming from them anymore.