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After all these years, this in in my opinion still the best tape plugin.

I have no idea how authentic it is, but I love what it does and how its functions help to "sculpt" the sound. Unlike most - if not all -o ther tape-emulations, Bernie attempted to break down all what tape potentially does to sound into different functions that can be accessed and controlled individually.

So one could probably say this is also the most versatile, revolutionary, radical and thought-outside-the-box tape plugin.

Well done, Bernie! R.I.P.
Gosh I bought this years ago for about $15, if not less. I've hardly used it for some reason, maybe cos it wasn't seen as "sexy". Just dug it out, whacked it on some drums and wow, yes, it's fabulous. I love the different tape types as they all come with their own eq curves. It stacks up very well indeed with more modern tape plugins. Also, it uses bugger-all CPU which is great.

We really are spoilt these days with all the fabulous tape emulations available.

Also, IO should say that I think Magnetic II and Pulsetec EQ are two of the best plugins to ever come out of Nomad Factory. Bus Driver comes in close a close third, but those two really are the standout plugins of Bernie's career, IMVHO.

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