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So are you saying you don't use it anymore because of laziness & hassle or because you think ITB/Nebula has achieved sonic paradigm of A77 ?
Well there IS the A77 for nebula ( has it) . And its really good, if i do say so myself

But right now I'm focusing on a different style, which required more modern pop production signatures - more digital clean. I have Alexb's SSL, Neve, and SP79 plugins - those are insanely good. I've never been able to use the original gear in those cases, but from what I've been told, they're damn close.

I also lost my studio a few years ago to a flood (landlord f---ked me - thats another story), so i had to set up a makeshift ITB studio in my apartment. Aside from a few minor room issues, (I've treated it decently, but it's not a proper control room. I am surprised how good the low end is at low volumes) I'm really happy working ITB now. I was kinda forced into a scenario that I ended up using to my advantage to keep doing what I love.

I would love to get a proper studio built again in my next "home". Nice control room / man cave, and nice little live room. Get some la-2a's, la-3a's, but truth be told, I'm kinda enjoying getting what i need ITB.