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Just a quick update.

I've had the CB and Bax together and in use at my studio for the last week doing multiple mix and master sessions. Initial thoughts are....its great!!!! The polish on the records is incredible for me. Really just took things to the next level for me and my studio. So I'm happy about the investment for sure.

I've been letting the Bax do the top and bottom shelving and then use the CB for middle bands for subtle boosts. The low end on the CB I've used on a sharp curve to typically add 1.5db to the freq where the thump of a kick is just to give it a little more "umphh". The top end band has been hit or miss in use since I don't want to boost too much and introduce and harshness or sibilance. Since I have the BAX shelving boost of a 1db at 18k, it seems the top band of the Curve Bender is just not being used much, at this point. So I know they can play nice together for sure which is good. This week I'll use only the CB and not the BAX just to see what I hear.