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Old 19th July 2017
Aleksi Perälä
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I cannot explain.

It will happen naturally.

Colundi will take care of it.

It might take a long time though.

There are ways to speed up the process, spread the awareness... I think the biggest hurdle right now is to make people understand what it's all about. Try and explain it to someone - I find it really difficult, like as if there's this huge new-age-hippie-weirdo stamp on it and that puts people off. It would put me off if I didn't know anything about it and tried to explain it to myself!

People are suspicious of new unexplained things by nature. If we get past that then we will be fine.

It's not weird, it's not scary - it's natural. And so powerful that it's difficult to comprehend. Slowly and steadily.

It's like we've put roofs over our heads such a long time ago that we've forgotten what it's like to live under the stars.