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Saw one promoted as "Kickstarter Gold" recently where they made a fuss about a modern recording done on wax cylinder you could get and how it was "recorded without electricity":

For me it's a lot of fuss about nothing because I've watch videos about how old gramophones worked and how early recordings were made, and you can buy old original wax cylinders for a lot less money if you really want one.

I even seen a "Stroh violin" that is a violin with a horn specifically used for gramophone recording...Lindsey Sterling played a reproduction of the Stroh in her video "Roundtable Rival":
He had me with this paragraph (about different release forms of his projects)...

1. BY POPULAR DEMAND (10" vinyl record)
My first album. The eight songs on BY POPULAR DEMAND were recorded without electricity onto wax cylinder then transferred to analog tape; the tape output went directly to the record lathe. The music that you hear from your speakers, from recording to pressing, never entered the digital medium and is a completely physical, analog experience. The goal was to create an entire release using processes and techniques that existed pre-1900; [...]
[bolded to emphasize ironic elements]

So I guess it only makes sense that his wax cylinder release will be accompanied by an mp3 version -- so the purchasers who don't have a wax cylinder player (ah, but I'll bet they've had handlebar moustaches within the last 5 years!) will nonetheless be able to hear it.

BTW, when I was a kid in a summer school science class, the teacher brought in a wax cylinder recorder and we did some very lo fi recording (the wax was old and brittle so especially bad). I got volunteered to be recorded doing a recitation (I'm betting part of Lincoln's Gettysburg address which a lot of kids memorized in those days [we didn't have smart phones so we had to work hard to entertain ourselves]).

All that aside, I did find this 'making-of' vid and I thought it was really interesting.

PS... I REALLY wanted to see what he did with the harp strings on the big ass hybrid guitar/harp thing -- but all he was doing was playing cowboy chords on the conventional part of it and they didn't even use it in the recording. I do have to say I preferred the performance once it had been through the cylinder recording proces; the extreme 'distancing' served it well. Was a bit o' flutter, though.

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