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You can phrase it as "We destroyed our projected sales figures!!!"
From Moog:

"Orders for the synthesizer quickly outpaced our initial estimates, leading to the addition of a night-shift to meet demand for the iconic instrument. Our parts-inventory for the Minimoog Model D project was originally expected to span multiple years of manufacturing, but is being consumed at a much higher rate than anticipated."

Model D Production Ending

This can easily be corroborated by trying to source the parts yourself (good luck). You also need to factor in Moog's need to keep these parts in stock for existing warranty repairs as well as post warranty repair. I suppose they could use replacement parts, but then it wouldn't be an actual reissue.

I know Moog had some of the transistors reissued, but I am not sure if Moog has the cashflow to have OEM supply partners reissue all of the discontinued components or if the OEM's even exist or are even able to do this.

So again, if not even Moog can build Model D's (not cheap knock offs or wannabees), how can we expect Behringer to do it?

Behringer should stop this nonsense of trying to convince people that they have a true Model D clone coming out. Call it something else. Make it your own thing. Your fanboys are not that naive