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Nothing personal, but some people still want better than good. At these low prices, Behringer is cutting a lot of corners. Anyone expecting a Moog D clone out of this is going to be disappointed. This synth is targeted for entry level players. Sure you might get some pros that us it, but at the end of the day it's going to be a cheap synth.

I am a firm believer that more expensive does not always equal better. So when I say "cheap", I mean more in terms of quality, components, and sound.
well good, better, whatever, its all personal taste...though Id agree that anyone thinking this will be an exact 1:1 will likely be disappointed.

I just dont want it to sound bad...the monologues an excellent little mono, with plenty of features, built to a price...if the behringer is too Ill be happy, just so it doesnt stop them from continuing on this journey

I know what you are saying entry level, or beginners, but I used the volcas out of interest...I could make an entire album out of them and Im experienced enough that most of my stuff sounds average to above average for my skill wasnt the volcas, or any of my synths sounds, that hold me back...$300 are only entry level because theyre easier to afford, not because of what they can produce. I think we forget this in here and argue 20 pages over differences that really dont matter that much. Not a rant or directed at you, just the other part of me came back with the coffee