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But I thought Aphex Twin invented electronic music? You know, like Quentin Tarantino invented film.

I haven't seen any confirmation of that $300 SRP yet, but, assuming the price tag's correct, for an extra $200, the SE-02 offers a lot more than the Behringer, to my mind at least. Quite apart from the SE-02's programmability, xmod and bypassable-DDL (I reserve judgement on the sequencer), the Sound Electronics and Roland pedigree counts for a lot, at least for anyone aged 30 and over.
Well Im 50 and I dont care

Like I said we'll have to see...Im not in the market for any of the three of them, but I would like behringer to succeed in this so they move on and produce something a bit more exciting next.

I also wish Roland had taken the boutique idea to an XL version just in size alone. The format just seems wrong for more complicated UI's, but what do I know.