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Price isn't the only factor in a purchase - Behringer is many things, but cool is not one of them. I mean, I own a few Behringer products, but they're not listed on my studio card.

The image-conscious muso will only choose Behringer over Roland/Studio Electronics and Dreadbox if the Model D is demonstrably superior. Based on what I've seen and heard of the SE-02 that will take some doing.
The image conscious muso aint buying a minologue either...let alone any Behringer

It doesnt have to sound mind blowing, it doesnt even have to sound as good as the se-02, at $200 cheaper it just has to sound good imo

We'll see, even if it was a 1:1 most of this place would never admit it. I wouldnt worry to much if I was Uli...just make sure its a decent mono with a bit of moog flavour and sweetwater will be chucking them out to the great unwashed masses quicker than than you can say the deepminds not cool