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I do most of the standard "experiments", but not as often as I should. Got a nice drum sound with two 57s a while back, one was an inch above the beater side rim, pointed at the throne, and the other was down the hall with the door open. The hallway is nice, it runs 20' from the far end of the tracking room around a corner to the control room door. One wall is unpainted sheetrock, the other is unpainted block, the floor is concrete, and the ceiling is a metal duct running the length of the hall - has a sound to it.

I've done lots of mechanical filtering for guitar parts, from the obligatory cardboard tube taped to a 57 to "horn-loading" one in a toilet bowl whilst I was doing some emergency plumbing.

Came up with a cool effect while trying out that cheap Behringer omni. I smash a ride cymbal to get a long ring out and slowly move the mic along the surface of the cymbal. It's kind of a light saber sound that works nicely for swells in a mix.

An old favorite is replaying stuff through NS-10s flipped around to face the control room glass and re-recording that through a mic facing the back wall. Then repeat the process 5-10 times, always playing back the newly re-recorded signal. After a few passes, all the details are lost and your just left with the frequencies that are reinforced by the room modes and the speakers themselves. It's a ghostly sound I like to add to sparse arrangements or ominous passages.