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Old 13th July 2017
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Curve Bender is coming...Worth Keeping BAX EQ now?

Sup y'all...

So I have a new Curve Bender coming to my studio on Friday. Excited to add it to the rest of my setup. Question I have for anyone that has experience with both units is if it's worth keeping my BAX EQ now. I feel like I can use a plugin to simply do the same thing with filters. I'm not worried about losing any analog vibe because that will still be coming from my CB, Neve MBP, Shadow Hills MC, API 5500, Tweakers, and the 500 series EQ's and Comp's. At this point I'm thinking the BAX just won't be used so much.

Just wanted to bounce this question off some of you before I make a final decision. All thought and opinions are welcomed. Thanks