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I don't want a pamphlet (or a website)...I want you to explain it to me.

When I go to the dentist there are pamphlets explaining various procedures like root canals and crowns...but when I had work done I didn't want to read them...I wanted the dentist to give me the short-short version of what he was going to do to me in a comforting way.
Right, well you're clearly not the target audience for this. I'll still explain anything a client wants to a comforting way....I just don't see what the harm is in having this guide available as a resource for those who want it. I'm not going to shove it down people's throats. Some people like to read and learn stuff on their own time, and not take up precious time in a session...or maybe they've always been session musicians on somebody else's records and don't know the full process. Read this thing while you take a sh** and we'll be on the same page.

I posted this on reddit at r/audioengineering, which is admittedly has a high noob ratio, and they all though it was a great read and a good idea....bunch of salty bastards over here!