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Old 12th July 2017
Fun thread. I tend to do more rock-oriented stuff, ranging from radio-friendly pop stuff to super heavy doomy stoner stuff, along with a fair amount of folk-y Americana. So I guess my work covers a lotta ground.

Kick- Distressor all day, also really like the BAE 10DCF
Snare - Distressor, 160VU, 165, and a freelancer recently hipped me to using an old Altec 436 for some seriously chunky R&B tones, a la D'Angelo. It was dope.
Toms - SSL
Overheads - Obsidian, TG1
Room - TG1 or 1176. Sometimes Level Loc.
Bass- Some flavor of 1176
Acoustic guitars - API 525 or 1176
Electric guitars - LA3a or 1176
Piano - API 2500 or 670
Strings - Vari Mu or TG1
Vocals - STA level, 176, 1176, LA3A...super dependent on voice/genre/arrangement
Loops - something crunchy and fast...33609 is cool, or TG1
Drum Bus - API 2500 or Obsidian. 760 if I got one (but that plus 10 db comp that Boz makes is pretty slick, I hafta admit!)