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So I wound up getting a Nord Wave instead, but I thought of a trick that might work on the A1 too which might help retain that "presence" as the resonance goes up. Use that sound in Slot A, and use a very similar sound in Slot B at the same time, but zero resonance on the "B" patch, and turn the cutoff down so it is just filling out the bass and mids. Set your panel focus so you are only sweeping the cutoff in the "A" patch while "B" remains static. Worth a try.
Congrats on scoring the Wave! I've heard it's a keeper.

I'm sure that your solution would work, but I've actually just sold it. There are workarounds for most limitations, but it's rarely a straight line from A to B. The problem is really the limited modulation options. Without more LFO's or envelopes, you wind up using lots of layers just to liven up the sound. Having two LFO's on the Wave (plus the crazy FM) will take you all sorts of places.