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hi gannon, may i ask what your Line Input settings were on the SSL - all the way down and the pad engaged ?? ... seems like Full Scale Peaks in Digital would be what, about +24 analog !!!! yahoo .. good times .. Saturation of the transformers .. probably help softened the blow a little ..

but i could be wrong not knowing what "Zero" was calibrated to between the outputs of the Apollo's and the SSL .. so please don;t tar and feather me too bad !!!

cheers john
Hi John,

Joel treats the DAW like smart tape machine. He brings it back through tape returns and works in mix mode on the desk the whole time, so there are no line inputs or pads, just direct from the Apollo 16 to the top of the channel.

The channels were running pretty hot and he kept the channel faders fairly low to keep the mix under control. He really knows the console and outboard signal paths and knows exactly where to get nice, fat saturation from it.


Gannon Kashiwa