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This entire discussion is a bit like the one that went on when the Home Theater market transitioned to DVD and 5.1 Audio. People won't purchase ATMOS systems unless there is a bunch of content.

Outside of the 'chicken or egg' type argument, there are some legitimate reasons to mix in ATMOS, even if the majority of people are going to be listening in 5.1/7.1 environments.

1.) It 'somewhat' future proofs the title. It will be much easier to adapt a title to a new format (128 channel ATMOS2, VR, whatever get imagined) when parts of the audio are split well. Having a bunch of objects makes this easier.

2.) When objects are panned overheard in an ATMOS mix, and folded down into 7.1 or 5.1, there is still a perception of height to the audio. It is not as pronounced as if it were discreet, but it is there and isn't completely subtle.

That's funny, I used to say a 5.1 folded down to stereo sounds more separated than a stereo mix.