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Which compressors do you use to "lock" specific instruments in a mix ?

Which compressors do you use in order to "lock" a specific instrument in a mix ?
What works for your style of mixing ?

I mix mainly pop and rock, my current favorites:

Kick- SSL, Distressor, 160/165VU
Snare - SSL, Distressor, 33609
Toms - SSL, 33609
Overheads - SSL, 33609
Bass- Purple MC77
Acoustic guitars - Dave Hill Titans
Electric guitars - Shadow Hiils MC
Piano - Thermionic Phoenix, Vac Rac
Keys - Thermionic Phoenix, Vac Rac, 33609
Strings - Dave Hill Titan
Vocals - STA level, 176, Blue Stripe, Vac Rac
Loops - SSL, 33609
Drum Bus - Maselec MLA-3, Chandler Zener
Acoustic/ethnic instruments - Dave hill Titan
Snare sample - purple MC77, 33609, distressor