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A lot of things have actually gone down in the last 5ish years. U47s, C12s, Fairchilds all were selling for more than current prices. Whereas I know plenty of people who bought those items at prices that would be considered affordable 30 or so years ago. They are still worth much more than people paid in the 80s, but buying those pieces NOW probably wouldn't yield the same percentage increase. I, of course, could be wrong. I just don't see the price of a U47 becoming $25-30k.

Really? From what i remember like 8 years ago i saw adds for u67 for like 4k-ish $. I don't Think anyone thought they would be paying 18k för a u47 10 years ago. Only time Will tell so maybe we all be fools in 15 years or told that we made bargins buying a u67 for 10k