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Invest in a time machine.
Travel back at least 30 years in time.
Buy up all the vintage gear you can find.
Return to the present.
Sell it.
That is all.

Anything else is a gamble.

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Hey guys,

yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a friend, who´s thinking about buying some vintage studio gear for investment. He claimed, that certain devices and instruments will always be rising in value and won´t have any inflation. When I look at the prices on ebay for let´s say a Gibson Les Paul, an original Roland Jupiter 8 or some devices of Focusrite´s vintage Red Line - just to mention a few – I think he could be right with his guesses.

Maybe it coud be an interesting issue form e, or others, too… What do you think?
Which instruments or studio gear can be considered as investment objects in general?
I know, there are many „fetish“-pieces out there, like the ones, mentioned above.

Which ones would you recommend me to buy?
What has to be especially considered when buying to get a good collectible?

Looking forward to hear your thoughts.