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In 1999, the NASDAQ had been going nuts for several years. Pundits told me it could NOT go down. I invested. I lost a LOT of money.

In 2007, Real Estate in the US had been on a record run. People told me that there was only so much real estate, and that it could never go down. I invested in a couple of properties. I lost a lot of money. 10 years later, I still have a long ways to go to break even.

In 2017, vintage gear has been on a tear for over a decade. People tell me it can't go down in value. Now I laugh at that.

1st rule of investing - buy low sell high. It's not buy high, sell higher. That's a Las Vegas gamble. And that's where the vintage market is now. Cloners and plugin developers are getting soooo good. I prefer the hardware, and in may cases, it's as good or better than vintage at 1/3 the price new, with a warranty. At some point the tear will tip the other direction. It could be a single piece of gear that does it. Or another recession. Either way, vintage is a gamble.

If you're buying in 2017, Vintage is a gamble - not an investment. If you've got the money and like to gamble, go for it.
I agree. Vintage is a gamble and like other items of value, there's a curve and we may be at the top of it. And as already mentioned, a lot of this gear is gettin' old and the replacement parts are scarce on the ground.

I'm a complete ignoramus when it comes to investing, but the only times I've made a little (and I mean a little) was through shear dumb luck and timing. I also didn't mention the times I've lost and other times when I've been outright scammed. But I'm not joking about Tesla. Over the past week, it's dropped pretty significantly. It takes a bit of courage to buy when others are selling. Just an observation, absolutely not professional investment advice.