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I would say the premise is not universally true but it still can be depending how patient and market savvy you are about gear.

The facts standing against this are that the home mixing market, on the bell curve of adoption, is probably just past it's peak. For many years the people pool who record live musicians has been getting smaller. The EDM type musician and mixer pool has probably peaked at this point driven by the desire to be Deadmau. If you had started say back in 2000 or earlier, the opportunity to buy gear for a reasonable price and see it double in value was definitely there. Another factor is that many people who would once buy outboard gear and high end mics have been moving to hybrid mixing to eliminate or reduce the investment in mixing consoles and outboard.

Once that article in the Wall Street Journal came out about 7 years ago about the investment opportunities in pro audio gear, it was pretty much game over. This spiked the price of a lot of older gear and especially microphones. A U47 could be had for $8k went up to over $10k. U67s went from $3-4k up to $8-9k. The Fairchild compressors were available for $15k and are now up to $60k and I've seen some over $100k now. I think from this point on, (add the baby boomer retirement thing in there, the guys who love to drive up the prices on all things, I know, I'm one of them) and you get a perfect storm for market decline. IF you have a lot of money to get hold of the truly rare things like Telefunken Elam 251 or Fairchilds, the things are so overpriced at this point with a reduction of available buyers that it's kind of like that tulip market bubble in the 1800s.

So less and less people of your target market want the old gear (well they want it but it will be too expensive for most) which will make moving it in the future harder and riskier.

That said, there are still opportunities to make back at least what you invest and maybe 10-20% more. Great if you are moving gear all the time, just OK as an investment if you hold on to it for years your return over time gets less. Also, against a host of other things, like real estate or stocks or offshore investments it's just an OK investment. 10 years ago, yeah for sure it was an incredible investment. Today, much riskier.

Also, investing in speakers systems is a sure recipe for disaster. The best speaker systems used in making classic albums of the past can be found for under $500 in a lot of places.